16 Bit Arena experiments with free downloads

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
29th Apr 2013, 11:34pm
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A new old-school style game, 16 Bit Arena, is taking a new approach to its games distribution by allowing gamers to download the game for free.

The game is currently available on various different websites such as Amazon for $9.99 but from May 16th - May 31st it will be available as a free download, the twist is, if enough people download the game it will stay permanently free and run completely from donations. Anyone that donates will be entered into a draw to have a character designed just for them with 10% going to charity.

The game is currently sold across 6 different stores, Amazon, Green Man Gaming, Desura, Shiny Loot, IndieCity and IndieVania. It has also been recently submitted to Steam's greenlight.

They are normally sold at $9.99 but during the promotion they will be completely free, if enough people download the game then they will open up donations and for every $5 donation that person will be entered into the prize draw.

If this is successful then they will do it this way permanently, and regardless of what happens 10% of the donations will be sent to ChildFund!

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