Company of Heroes 2 unveils Theatre of War mode

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
29th Apr 2013, 5:41pm

Company of Heroes 2 is set to ship with an all new mode called Theatre of War on top of its campaign and multiplayer.

Theatre of War will tell different stories to the players with new single player and co-operative play. The mode includes solo challenges where players are pitted against overwhelming odds, AI battles against an enemy commander and co-operative scenarios.

At the launch of CoH2, Theatre of War will include missions from key battles in 1941. Players will be able to choose either the Soviet Red army of the Germany army, visiting locations across the Eastern Front and taking part in some iconic battles of that year. There will be 9 unique missions for each faction with more set to be added at a later date.

Greg Wilson, Producer of Company of Heroes 2, commented, "We get a lot of requests from fans to showcase specific conflicts from the war and it isn’t always possible to fit these into the campaign. Theatre of War gives us the opportunity to deliver these new gameplay experiences to our fans."

Company of Heroes 2 will use the cutting edge Essence 3.0 engine to bring tactical strategy to life like never before, the game is set to release on PC from June 25th 2013.

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