Crimes and Punishments: Tech Demo

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Apr 2013, 2:08pm
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With the Testament of Sherlock Holmes, the series of video games dedicated to the famous detective marked a notable step in its history by dropping the "traditional" PC adventure games' gameplay in favour of a real investigation experience on PC and consoles.

With Crimes & Punishments, the series will mark a new milestone, as the development studio Frogwares will give up its home-made engine in order to switch to the well known Unreal 3 Engine by Epic.

The new engine will allow the team to create bigger environments that are more gorgeous and varied, all whilst offering an incredible level of detail with dynamic lighting, shaders, post-processing effects and animations.

The new engine will allow for new investigation mechanics, giving the player the feeling that they are Sherlock Holmes. Enabling gamers to fully use the gifts and talents such as knowing many details about someone's life just by glancing at them.

Crimes and Punishments will begin to showcase all these new features across the coming weeks with various different videos and presentations as well as an appearance at E3 in June.

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