Kalypso’s Alien Action-Platformer set to arrive on PlayStation Network on 8th May

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Apr 2013, 1:38pm

Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. announced today its highly anticipated action-platformer Alien Spidy will be available to purchase on the PlayStation® Store for £7.99/ €9.99 on 8th May.

Developed by Enigma Software, Alien Spidy is a single-player action-platform packed with dozens of challenging levels, three boss levels and a colourful array of insectoid, mammalian, and amphibious enemies that are cute and deadly.

Alien Spidy, follows the exploits of "Spidy," an alien spider who has crash landed on Earth in search of his friend Virgi and the lost parts of his scattered spaceship. With 69 levels, three settings (Forest, Pond, Caves), and more than 350 collectibles and achievements. Players will find a mixture of side-scrolling action artistically crafted with bright landscapes and constantly evolving physical puzzles.

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