Leap Motion with Windows 8

Craig Richards (Twitter, Google+)
21st May 2013, 9:58am
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The company behind Leap Motion have released a video showing how the Leap interfaces with Windows 8. Previous videos have shown how the Leap works with Macs but haven't shown any love for the Windows Modern Interface until now

The video shows how you can use the Leap to emulate a touchscreen on your Windows 8 PC or Laptop and work with the modern interface smoothly. This functionality isn't a hack or require some complicated setup, it is available from the second you plug the Leap Motion Controller into your system. Pretty nice!

You’ll be able to browse the web and interact with your computer just by moving your hands and fingers in the air, you can do everything that’s possible with multi-touch inputs — without actually touching anything. This means existing applications in Windows 7 and 8 will respond to your natural hand and finger movements.

I am really looking forward to receiving my Leap Motion Controller on the 22nd of July and I will be making a few videos showing how usable it is. We will keep you up-to-date with any news on the Leap as we receive it so stay with us!

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