Loadout now available on Steam's Early Access

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
14th May 2013, 9:54pm
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Loadout, the upcoming over-the-top shooter from Edge of Reality can now be bought via Steam's Early Access program. Loadout brings players fun and addictive gameplay with hilarious cartoony aesthetics, and over 44 billion weapons combinations with its easy to use weapon customizer.

Loadout will be free-to-play by the time it releases but anyone that buys into the Early Access will be able to receive free in-game content such as Spacebux (in-game currency) and XP Boosts, cloting and extra weapons. If you're so inclined you can also spend $89.99 to name one of the enemy AI bots as well as 60,000 Spacebux and 21 days of XP boost.

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