Bugbear's "Next Car Game" now available for pre-order, grants early access

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Aug 2013, 10:35pm

We have heard nothing about Next Car Game since about February but Bugbear Entertainment have today announced that pre-orders are now available for the game.

Players that pre-order the game will get to play a very early version of the game and offer Bugbear invaluable feedback on the direction their game should take. They have also promised to release a playable sneak peak of the game once they hit 10,000 pre-orders of the game.

There are currently 5 versions of the game available on the pre-order website, all of which increase in price and content. The "Weekend Smasher" pack gets you just the game for $25.

They also have the "FULL-TIME WRECKER" which includes the exclusive "Backer" Racing Car, soundtrack and the "FULL-TIME WRECKER" community badge. This will set you back $35.

Want your name in the game as an AI driver? Then you will have to spend $50 on the "MASTER BLASTER," which also includes a community badge.

If you want to be a Team Bugbear Member then you will have to fork out $100 which will get your name in the credits, an exclusive "Team Bugbear" Car Paintjob and of course the community badge.

Finally if you have $1,000 lying around you can spend it on painting a new car for the games final release.

Each tier includes all the rewards from the previous tier so no need to worry about that and Bugbear have said that they will be using the money earned to further fuel development on the game.

Next Car Game is set to release in early 2014 for PC.

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