Codemasters are working on two new driving games which are "awesome," says BTCC champion

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
21st Feb 2014, 1:31pm

It looks Codemasters have got some new racing games in the work - other than this year's versions of F1 and the highly rumoured DiRT 4.

According to BTCC Champion Matt Neal he has been to Codemasters to help tune cars and tracks.

He tweeted earlier today that he had a great day at Codemasters tuning cars and tracks and that we should look out for two new racing games when they launch.

We had GRID 2 last year but could we possibly be seeing the revival of the old TOCA games which had the BTCC championships and 438438943 other championships as well? It is looking like an interesting year for Codemasters.


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