Codemasters teaming up with Valve to bring free "Demoman Derby" DLC to GRID Autosport

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
7th Nov 2014, 6:00pm

Codemasters have teamed up with Valve to offer PC players a very special version of the Demolition Derby gamemode.

They are transforming the Detroit Stadium into the "Badlands Stadium" complete with trackside sponsors from popular Team Fortress 2 corporations. You can expect to see advertisements for Scoot’s Canoe, Jimi Jam, Gummy’s Burgers and more around the track.

Other noticeable things include Apeture Science flags, a giant video screen offering scenic messages to encourage you to visit places such as Gravel Pit and Teufort as well as a huge hidden ship in the scenery.

There are also two new liveries for the Jupiter Eagleray Mk 5 allowing you to represent BLU and RED. Alongside this you will be racing into the night for the first time in demolition derby as new floodlights, neon signs and fireworks have been added to the trackside.

The DLC will be available as a free download from the store page (just hit install) and will become available as a new party mode for both online and offline cups.

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