Colin McRae Rally Review - What the fuck, Codemasters?

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
2nd Aug 2014, 2:39pm

Now when it comes to reviews on this site you will notice that we give games a fair chance, and then end up writing a 5 page essay as a review about a week after we've got a copy of the game.

I'm sorry, but I just can't with this. When I first saw Colin McRae Rally on Steam the other day I thought "fantastic, this should be good." I'm now sat here wondering what exactly Codemasters were trying to achieve here.

The Store page screams a proper HD remake (resolution wise) of the original Colin McRae Rally, then you read on and it is actually Colin McRae Rally 2.0, even better! There is no mention that this is a port of a mobile game on the Store page. It very much is however.

If you have vivid memories of enjoying this game as a kid, then keep them, don't bother buying this game as it just isn't anywhere near the original game.

This probably works fine as a mobile game, who knows, but as a PC game, good god no.

This is NOT the original game, it is a cheap iOS and Android port that is missing half the features of the original game. There are missing stages, cars, replays, multiplayer, car setup, championship, missing menus, and they somehow removed cockpit cam from the game and put something that resembles a cockpit.

The championships are non existant and the championship you play decides on the AI difficulty, with only Australia, Greece and Corsica to choose from. They've removed Finland, New Zealand and UK/Wales. The "more advanced" versions of the championships for countries are just the previous stages reversed - you can't claim that's a new championship, Codemasters.

There's no car setup before each stage anymore so it is useless telling us what percentage is gravel/tarmac/mud, whatever. The repairs are half arsed and don't even work as they did in the previous games - if you repair something that's it. You can't select what you want to repair and decide if the time loss is worth it before accepting anymore.

As well as the country count being chopped in half, the stage count for each country is down to six from the original 12+ that were in Colin McRae Rally 2.0.

There are also only four cars in the entire game, the Ford, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Lancia.

You have to change graphics and controls before you even enter the game - with the graphic options being a resolution selector and a "High" or "Low" graphic quality option.

The controls are also all changed before launching the game and setting them up for anything more than an Xbox 360 controller is probably going to be a chore.

Once you launch the game you can't actually change these options again without resetting everything back to default, what?

They have the original CMR 2.0 on PC already running on DX6-ish, why is it so much of a task for them to update to DX11 or lower and improve the textures/resolution? You're better off fishing the original out the cupboard or wherever and playing that.

I have never been so harsh on a game, and probably wouldn't have been if this stayed on mobile and didn't claim to be a HD remaster of the original Colin McRae Rally 2.0 which got 90% on Metacritic.

To put things in perspective, the mobile version of this game scored 69% on Metacritic, which isn't bad in itself, and probably very good for a mobile title.

The only reason I am giving this the score that it is getting is because I can drive through the stages and think "oh I remember that from the original game."

I'm sorry Codemasters but you should've just put the original game on Steam without the HD re-imaging/remake or whatever this is.

3 / 10

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