Congo developers release their plans for v0.2 of the game

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
5th Dec 2014, 5:53pm

Congo, the new survival co-op game that released on Steam Early Access last week, is getting another update this weekend thanks to v0.1d, and the plans for v0.2 have also been released.

According to a blog post on the game's steam community page, the developers will be including a new game mode, four new levels for the new game mode, changes to single player and much more.

The following is the full list of changes that the developers are hoping to incorporate into v0.2 of Congo.

New Game Mode - Defense

  • Defense mode will be more of a traditional horde-style game mode where all 4 players must defend an objective for as long as possible, travelling out into the jungle where possible to collect supplies and equipment.

4 New Defense Levels

  • Four new levels for Defense game mode.

Singleplayer Mode

  • Currently, singleplayer mode plays like ultra-hardcore difficulty. We are working on several changes to make a solo-play experience more forgiving by adjusting spawn levels and item drops. We will also be introducing a new item to help survival

Hunting Knife

  • When equipped with a hunting knife, you have the ability to kill a demon once they have jumped you. This is a one-use item and can be found dropped around the jungle. In singleplayer mode you will start equipped with at least one.

New Demon Type

  • Making more of presence in the jungle now are a new type of demon. Smaller, faster, more agile but less dangerous than their bigger brothers, they dart out of the vegetation and knock you to the ground, leaving you vulnerable to further attack.

Spectator Mode

  • We will be adding a spectator mode for dead players. Currently, once you have been incapacitated you are left to watch your body.. Not that fun, so in v0.2, if you are killed you can follow your teammates.

Voice Chat In-Game

In-Game Control Options

  • Ability to view the controls without having to look at the manual.

More Screen Resolution Options

Update to Unreal Engine

  • Updating to the later versions of UE4 will bring a number of improvements and optimisations.

Mac Build

  • For all those Mac-users, we are looking to get a Mac version out for release with v0.2.

Bug fixes and Optimisations

Have any of you here played Congo so far, and if so, what do you think to it? Are you liking the sound of these changes? If you are interested in checking the game out then head on over to the store page.

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