Congo releases update v0.1d, fixes issues and adds useful things

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
9th Dec 2014, 4:37pm

The latest update to Congo has been released today, bringing it onto v0.1d. The new update has fixed a couple of issues that were present in the game as well as adding some new features that are quite useful.

Some of the changes include a button to invite friends when you're in-game and the ability to have the machete available at all times. In terms of fixing things they have fixed issues with placement on objective icons and progress bar icons. The full changelog is featured below.

  • Machete is now always available rather than being replaced.
  • Added in-game button to Invite friends.
  • Improved cancel button when joining matches
  • Added screen resolutions
  • Fixed objective icon placement
  • Fixed progress bar icon placement
  • Fixed an issue where gun sounds and animations were sometimes not being played on Client.
  • Network Optimizations & bug fixes

The developers are hopeful that this is the last patch they will need until the much anticipated v0.2 patch that was mentioned last week. We will be bringing a quick run down of Congo within the coming weeks.

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