Creator of Spintires claims that the publisher has forced him out of his own game

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
19th Dec 2014, 4:19pm

Spintires, the Russian/Soviet off-road truck-driving simulator seems to be having a few problems it seems, the creator of the game is claiming that the publisher has forced him out of his own game.

A message which has appeared on the Steam discussion forums, from creator Pavel Zagrebelnyj, accuses UK publisher Oovee of taking the money from the game and disappearing with it, locking him out of the game, unable to provide updates.

Sad news... just seemed like the development process started, I almost finished my map and tools to develop mods (free upgrade)... as our Englishmen from oovee together with the loot disappeared. I don't have permissions to upload the update to Steam. So now I'll complete and release map editor, in the version it is now, and this will be end of Spintires.

In his post he also accused the publisher of removing his messages from the English message board from the game, effectively cutting off any communication with the public that he may have.

Oovee have since denied the allegations, stating that Pavel has been paid in full and that no breach of contract has occurred. They are hoping development on Spintires can continue soon, and they are planning on expanding the development team to help with getting developments out the door much quicker.

Unfortunately there have been some communication issues recently which appear to have lead to this post being made by Pavel on the Russian forum. Oovee has not been notified of any contract terminations or anything of that matter—a discussion will be held on the subject to rectify any misunderstandings.

As Oovee owns the rights to Spintires, we have no plans of our own to halt and/or cease to develop the game further.

It might not be all over for Pavel though, as he claims that he still owns the rights to the source code and technology though and so he could create a similar game if he wanted to.

Hopefully everything can get resolved with this as I have been keeping an eye on Spintires for a while now, wondering if I should try it out or not.

Thanks, PC Gamer

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