Dani's Diary: DayZ Standalone release date coming soon?

Dani Fuxa (Twitter, Google+)
22nd Nov 2013, 8:52pm
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A couple of weeks ago I was speaking about DayZ, both the mod and the upcoming DayZ: Standalone, with one of my students and recently fellow PC gamer.

I mentioned how they would maybe drop the price of Arma II when they released the standalone, to get more players into DayZ. So when I realized that Arma II was on a daily deal and 80% off on Steam that conversation crossed my mind.

I have never seen such a good deal for this game, now I'm wondering if I was right after all. Is this a hint for a release date on the Standalone? Or is it just a simple and very good daily deal? What do you think?

Dean Hall has recently been quoted as saying that they will be able to release the initial alpha of DayZ: Standalone after ironing out a few performance issues.

The video above was posted a few days ago with raw footage of the alpha version of the DayZ: Standalone and has not been approved by PR and marketing, so be warned.

You can grab this deal of Arma II on Steam until 6PM GMT on Saturday (the 23rd).

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