Don't Starve Together - A free multiplayer addon coming in June

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
7th May 2014, 7:47pm

It looks like Don't Starve will be getting a free update to the game later on this summer as Klei Entertainment bring an alpha update which will allow you to play multiplayer.

The announcement was made earlier this week after Klei were adamant that multiplayer would not be added to the game.

They wrote a blog post on their forums explaining a few things about it.

So far though what we know is that public and private games will be available, it won't affect the single player campaign, it will be free, the alpha releases in late Summer and it will allow you to do everything you can in single player.

If this sounds interesting to you then read what they have to say on the forums about their plans and a more in-depth explanation.

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