Early Access Test (EAT): Congo

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
24th Dec 2014, 3:48pm

It is time for us to EAT some Congo just in time for the Christmas Holidays. Congo, which released on Early Access on November 27th 2014 is the latest in the line of survival top-down co-op horror games as you make your way through the jungle at night, trying to find rescue.

I will start by saying that this game is very much multiplayer so for now, if you're planning on single-player, you might want to wait for version 2.0 to be released. This update shouldn't be too far off I don't think.

I have only played this with one other player so far and it was actually quite challenging with just the two of us. You're dumped in the jungle at night with demons chasing you around (who hate light and sound) and you have just a machete and torch to defend yourself with.

Scattered around the map you will see various different loot crates (containing ammo and weapons) as well as other items such as flares, revival injections, compasses and wire cutters. The aim of the game (in just the one map at the minute) is to go to each different hotspot on the map, such as medical supplies, fuel supplies, radio mast, etc. and find yourself rescue.

You need to make each area "safe" before you start by bringing some fuel cans and filling up the generators, then you can get to work on fixing an item or using a radio. This is when the game really gets intense as the usual two-three demons following you around turns into around ten-fifteen, and they are a bastard to hold off. If you're not careful you can easily get overrun with just the two of you and so I would definitely recommend getting a third or fourth player.

The atmosphere of the game is something that I am impressed with as well. They do a good job of making you feel like you really are just abandoned in the middle of the jungle, and at first, the noises the demons make whilst stalking you are enough to give you nightmares.

I haven't found too much to complain about with the game so far, which is only on its fourth update since release, but there are a few things that could do with looking at in future updates.

  • Resolution options aren't as extensive as they could be (although it is confirmed this is fixed in the next update)
  • I occasionally get stuck on different parts of the map if I fall/slide down a rock/cliff-face somewhere
  • The aiming with proper weapons (such as firearms) can be quite clunky at times, although they are very powerful
  • Flares cause extreme graphics lag, even on the latest graphics cards
  • You have to re-create the lobby if everyone dies

Like I said, only minor issues but it would be nice to see some of them fixed. The other thing would be that more maps wouldn't go a miss, but I know for a fact that there is a new game mode and maps to complement it coming in v2.0 of Congo.

Should I keep an eye on Congo?

Congo has got a long way to get yet but if the developers keep on as they are I think this could be a good budget title for those that are into co-op survival games. There definitely needs to be more variety in the maps, and perhaps a bit more randomization, but so far so good.

I would definitely keep an eye on this as it moves forward through its development stages. At the minute it is good for a quick one hour session with your mates, but maybe that'll change further down the line.

Store Page: Congo

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