Edge of Reality's Loadout now available on Steam

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
31st Jan 2014, 7:15pm
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Loadout has been in a closed beta period for a very long time but today finally marked the release of the game to the public on Steam.

The free-to-play shooter has gone through years of adjustment and fine tuning, and marks the debut release for the Austin based studio.

Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality said that Loadout offers a "genuinely fresh and gratifying alternative to everyday shooters."

With Loadout, we offer players a genuinely fresh and gratifying alternative to everyday shooters. Allowing players to define their own class and play style with weaponcrafting took us somewhere truly special, and we can’t wait to see what players come up with.

The game features over 44 billion different combinations of weapons thanks to its vast customization options when creating your very own weapon, fit for your exact play style.

You can pick the game up completely free on the Steam store today and get right into the action.

I played the closed beta almost a year ago now and it was an ok experience, perhaps not my sort of thing but I did enjoy the small amount that I played. You will probably end up more time customizing your weapon than actually playing though.

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