G2A release a statement regarding Ubisoft deactivating their Far Cry 4 keys

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
28th Jan 2015, 5:12pm

Over the last few days, Ubisoft have been de-activating "fraudulent" copies of Far Cry 4 and G2A were one of the third-party sellers that were known to be affected.

G2A has a big presence in the YouTube and Twitch community as they are known for sponsoring well-known channels. The company sells keys through both its own stock and in the form of an eBay style system where other users can also sell keys through the site.

The site has released a statement on Facebook today to let us all know where they stand with the situation.

As some of you may already know, steps have been taken to remove games purchased indirectly from a publisher, via main marketplaces in the web. G2A.COM is not in any case responsible for any of these procedures. However, we are well aware of this process and will do everything possible to compensate for that.

For users who have made transactions without G2A Shield, we will check if the corresponding merchant was responsible for the withdrawal of the code. If so, these users will get a compensation. Any user who used G2A Shield affected by the current process will get either a new code for the game or the money back.

G2A.COM will make every possible exertion to prevent this kind of procedures in the future and exclude merchants responsible for such incidents from the marketplace.

So basically what they are saying is that it isn't their own stock of keys that are being removed but those of third-party sellers through the G2A website. They are going to try and do everything they can to make sure that those who are affected are compensated properly through either a new game code or their money back.

It was revealed earlier today that the keys had been bought via Origin using a fraudulent credit card and then sold through third-part resellers. This has promoted EA to remove all Ubisoft products from their website to prevent this from happening again.

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