GTA Online revealed in new gameplay trailer, includes content creator and total freedom

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
15th Aug 2013, 3:13pm
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Rockstar have today unveiled Grand Theft Auto Online which will be coming to GTA V when the game releases on October 1st, it will also be free to everyone that purchases the game.

Take a look at how Rockstar have redefined the multiplayer experience, giving you a massive amount of freedom to do pretty much what you want. Go round shooting people, play golf, race across land, sea and air, make crews and customise your character.

They will also be including a new content creator to create your own races and deathmatch arenas. If that isn't enough there will also be missions for you and your friends to take part in, or you can just simply relax and buy an apartment somewhere so that you and your friends can hang out for the day.

For more information regarding GTA Online check out the official website. I have to say, this new and revamped online element they have in GTA V does look amazing, hopefully we'll be able to experience it on the PC as well.

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