GTA: San Andreas on Windows Phone vs Original PC release

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
1st Feb 2014, 4:22pm

Now that San Andreas has finally released on Windows Phone I thought I would take some comparison screenshots against the original PC release to see how it stacks up graphically.

The reason for this is that Rockstar originally said that they had done a lot of work on "bringing newly remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched colour palette and enhanced character and vehicle models."

I tried to take these shots at roughly the same time of day and position on both the mobile and PC. I found that the mobile version stands up against the PC pretty well.

The left image is the mobile version (obviously), shot using a Lumia 920 with the game's settings maxed out. The right image is from the PC, and once again with the game's settings maxed out. Click on each link to view the image in it's original size.

Phone/PC Comparison #1

Phone/PC Comparison #2

You can definitely tell the difference in lighting in the first two shots, the mobile version seems a lot more vibrant and crisper compared to the original PC release.

Phone/PC Comparison #3

The last two shots show the enriched colour palette really well, with the mobile having a much more deeper colour on the sunset compared to what the PC could manage.

Phone/PC Comparison #4

There is also a lot more detail on both the character and ground models/textures compared to the PC.

From what we've played of the mobile version so far it runs pretty solid and handles a lot better than what we first thought it would do.

Those of you that have played the mobile version, what did you think of it? Would you recommend it over the PC version if you had to, has it been well adapted to the mobile controls? What device have you been playing it on and what performance are you getting out of it?

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