Late Pool Nation update finally arrives, brings UK rules and pre-order DLC

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
5th Nov 2014, 5:39pm

We were told two weeks ago that there would be an update next week but that never materialized. [UPDATED]

It has now however finally arrived and will include the pre-order DLC (finally) as well as UK rules for pool.

There are also a couple of DLC packs available if you check the store page, ranging from various different things which I think are to do with the new Box of Tricks that has now released.

UPDATE: Here is the official changelog for the release:

  • Box of tricks unlocked.
  • Workshop integration (BETA) added. Share trickshots with other people.
  • 8Ball UK rules added with Reds and Yellow balls (including leaderboards and online play)
  • Walkaround camera added. (Activated/deactivated by pressing A when it is your turn)
  • New 'mode' icons to indicate which view mode you are in. (walkaround, shot taking, replaying etc)
  • Fix to hopefully prevent non-gaming/unsupported devices interfering with controls (steering wheels etc)
  • Replay HUD visuals updated to now show replay speed in a more elegant way.
  • Reply control panel can now be hidden (by clicking the left stick on controller)
  • Fixed incorrect reflection maps being used on cues/tables in certain locations
  • We no longer display the 'archive_' prefix when listing saved archive matches.
  • Alt-Tab crash fixed
  • Favouriting shots with controller now has correct button hint.
  • Floating balls over pockets in Endurance are now frame rate independent.
  • Online 'spectator' bug where both players think it is other other player's turn fixed.
  • New foul messages for UK 8 Ball specific fouls
  • Nominating with keyboard and mouse in Straight now works correctly
  • Fixed issue with 'Force Forfeit' message being shown at incorrect times.
  • Pre-order Stripy skin pack unlocked, only those who pre-ordered Pool Nation will be able to use these skins, and every object pack you add to your Pool Nation account there after you will get the Pre-order stripy skin for also.

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