Lenovo launches its new cloud service called Reach

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
4th Jun 2013, 10:08pm

Lenovo announced today that it will offer an exclusive preview of its consumer cloud service called Lenovo Reach. It will allow users to securely access any cloud-based files and applications from any device via single login ID.

From the 22nd June in North America, a limited number of users will be able to preview Lenovo Reach and provide feedback and recommendations to Lenovo. Those that are interested in testing out Lenovo Reach can sign up starting from today.

Lenovo Reach will enable users to access social networks, favourite applications and find files, photos and other digital media across their online storage accounts. The interface for Lenovo Reach will be consistent across all devices and is designed for both touch and keyboard interaction. The system will be available on Windows, Android and iOS across Lenovo and non-Lenovo branded PCs, tablets and smartphones.

"Lenovo Reach makes it incredibly simple and convenient for people to interact with their growing libraries of digital content and apps from virtually anywhere, at any time, on any device through a consistent interface" says Mark Cohen, vice president of software and cloud solutions at Lenovo. "Lenovo Reach plays a fundamental role in our plan to expand cloud services to consumers around the world."

If you wish to know more about Lenovo Reach or want to sign-up to participate in the beta, head over to the Lenovo Reach website.

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