Microsoft are "really going after PC," is obviously a source of "huge revenue"

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
12th Feb 2014, 3:39pm

Microsoft have once again affirmed to us that they are interested in making PC games.

Whilst speaking to Rock Paper Shotgun Microsoft Studios partner creative director, Ken Lobb, said that "we love PC."

So we love PC. It’s obviously a source of huge revenue for Microsoft.

The reality is that in years past we were the Xbox division. Although many of us love playing on PC, we can only make so many games. We can only do so much. Now we’re one [unified] Microsoft. I don’t see this as pressure. I see it as an opportunity.

We have more support internally to support PC more. That’s great! My only expectation would be, please let us continue to do that over a five-year period so we can have real impact. That’s how it feels right now. We’re getting very strong support internally. So we’re really going after PC.

When asked about any sort of PC exclusive games, Lobb wasn't sounding so sure.

I can’t make any announcements but we are very dedicated to that space.

This follows the news that previous Valve employee Jason Holtman, has left Microsoft after just 6 months of being there.

What sort of exclusive games do you think Microsoft could end up pushing out, and what sort of previous console games would you like see?

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