NASCAR The Game 2013 now available on PC

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
24th Jul 2013, 4:53pm
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Independent developer Eutechnyx has announced that NASCAR The Game 2013 has now moved out of the beta phase and into a full release from today. The game features all the top drivers, teams and Gen 6 cars from the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

Dave Thompson, Development Director at Eutechnyx made the following comments:

It has been an amazing ride this year in extending our NASCAR partnership with NASCAR The Game: 2013

With different racers reaching the winner's circle each weekend, we're able to deliver an exclusive experience that will keep NASCAR fans excited throughout the entire season. We're working hard to show the NASCAR nation our commitment to America’s favorite motorsport.

You will be able to compete in season and career modes, along with intense online multiplayer races. Supporting up to 16 players and filled with tough competition, online multiplayer action is where only finely-tuned drivers can survive. You can also use a detailed paint booth to create Gen 6 liveries to show off and share with friends.

The game will also include Inside Line Highlights DLC packs, giving drivers everywhere the chance to relive and rewrite the most memorable race moments. Using telemetry data, the inside line highlights introduce fresh new challenges and scenarios to tackle every race week.

Those of that you want to buy it can head over to Steam or Amazon and pick the game up!

If you would like to know our thoughts on the game, we ran a preview of the game a few weeks back, check it out!

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