New Insurgency update coming, adds new features and fixes various issues

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
4th Feb 2014, 3:56pm

The second update for New World Interactive's Insurgency is due to drop soon, and they have given us a glimpse at the sort of changes we can expect to see in the new version.

They have taken steps against hackers, disabling the setinfo name command and preventing mass kill hacks as well. There are also fixes in general to improve the game's stability and fix exploits in the gamemodes.

Another interesting change is the option to create a stream friendly hud which will remove various different bits of information if you want to keep your server a secret whilst you're streaming.

The Search & Destroy gamemode has also got a face-lift which allows the defenders to receive one reinforcement wave instead of waiting for a weapon cache to be destroyed.

You can check out the community post and full changelog whilst waiting, or even get yourself on the beta branch so you can try it out before it is fully released.

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