Next Car Game has made over $1 million in just one week

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Jan 2014, 2:45pm

Bugbear's Next Car Game released on Steam earlier this month and it instantly shot to the top of the "Top sellers" list and has made over $1 million in total in just one week across Bugbear's pre-order website and the Steam store.

Bugbear approached many different publishers along the way, all of which just asked "who would want to race broken bangers?" After that they tried Kickstarter but that also had a setback and they cancelled it before it ended as it wasn't going to break their intended goal.

It is good to see that Bugbear are doing so well in sales, and hopefully the final version of Next Car Game turns out as awesome as it is looking in the early access so far.

If you want to get a downloadable sneak peek of the game, head on over to You can purchase the early access version from the Steam store and Bugbear's own website.

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