PC version of GRID Autosport will receive a virtual mirror

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
15th Jul 2014, 2:20pm

The PC version of GRID Autosport is set to receive a virtual mirror in the upcoming patch which is currently in the QA phase.

The patch will also include support for advanced controls on all peripherals, regardless of if they are supported by GRID Autosport or not.

Playlist changes will also be taking place, allowing for more tracks to appear for each discipline and a higher probability of the GP circuits of tracks being used, and driven round the right way.

Finally there was some information on the car and mini-expansion packs that they will be bringing to the game.

The car pack includes:

  • Best of British
  • Coupe Style
  • Road & Track

The mini-expansion pack includes:

  • Sprint Pack
  • Touring Car Legends Pack
  • Drag Racing Pack

Are you looking forward to these changes? Excited to finally get a virtual mirror in the game? Let us know!

Source: Codies Blog

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