Respawn Entertainment have revealed that "7 million unique users" have played Titanfall

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
20th Nov 2014, 7:32pm

Titanfall was a new IP that was released last year and it has been revealed today that 7 million unique users have played the game.

Respawn Community manager Abbie Heppe told GameSpot that they're "constantly working to improve the game for everyone."

We're constantly working to improve the game for everyone, and to give all seven million unique users new ways to play Titanfall.

It is worth noting that this doesn't mean the game has sold 7 million unique copies though. NeoGaf user DKo5, who is the producer on Titanfall, wrote the following:

This does not mean 7m sold. This means 7m people have played the game. Yes, this means Destiny and probably Watch Dogs have had more more sales and players. This is not at all surprising, or worthy of shame. Everyone is so supremely proud of the game. More successful than we could have imagined. I could also point out that EA has been on a huge upswing in the market, often attributed partially to how well Titanfall has done.

Considering Titanfall is a brand new IP, it is quite impressive that they have had that many unique users in just the first year of the game's launch. The news comes after Respawn Entertainment announced a Deluxe Edition of the game yesterday.

Source: GameSpot

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