Rise of the Tomb Raider features confirmed, including a day/night cycle

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
12th Feb 2015, 8:08pm

Crystal Dynamics have released a bit more information about Rise of the Tomb Raider today, including a day/night system. They are hoping to bring an experience "you would have dreamed of" for the Xbox-exclusive title.

Game director Brian Horton has spoken to Game Informer about what we can expect to see in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The sophistication we're bringing to gameplay is as much as the sophistication we're bringing to the graphics, and I find that extremely exciting.

There were also some new gameplay details that were revealed, including information on weapons, the environment and more.

  • Lara will have multiple bows, which can be upgraded
  • The game will have a day/night and weather system. Some animals will only come out during certain periods of day.
  • Animals will make tracks, which should help you follow and hunt them. However, these tracks will vanish over time as snow piles up.
  • Crystal Dynamics has gone to great lengths to ensure the snow effects, including avalanches and crumbling ice walls, look realistic

There is currently only one confirmed place for the game so far which is a snow covered region of Russia, but there is talk of visiting a place referred to as an "oasis" at some point in the game. Horton has explained that have different climates and temperature zones in the game was important to Crystal Dynamics. He said that "we're not going with one single look throughout the entire game," and that distinct locations such as "dusty sandscapes, dense forests, and underwater caverns" will make an appearance.

To finish things off, Horton mentioned the whole premise behind the game, the "traumatized" Lara, and how players will be able to relate to her.

If she was perfect and a super-hero we would lose some of the great things we had on the last game. So we have to find those moments where the world will overwhelm her but she'll find a way to survive.

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