Rockstar publish 14 new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V on PC

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
27th Feb 2015, 7:32pm

After it was announced earlier this week that Grand Theft Auto V had been delayed on PC again, this time until mid-April, Rockstar have released some brand new screenshots to soften the blow, or something.

You can feast your eyes on the screenshots below that were released on the Rockstar Newswire earlier today. Let us know what you think to them, they do look damn good I will admit.

gta-v-pc-1 gta-v-pc-2 gta-v-pc-3 gta-v-pc-4 gta-v-pc-5 gta-v-pc-6 gta-v-pc-7 gta-v-pc-8 gta-v-pc-9 gta-v-pc-10 gta-v-pc-11 gta-v-pc-12 gta-v-pc-13 gta-v-pc-14

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