Space Engineers update 01.055 brings ModSDK tools to Steam and fixes various different issues

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
6th Nov 2014, 7:07pm
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This week's Space Engineers update has released and with it brings support for mod tools on Steam and fixes many different bugs that have appeared.

The main fixes for today's patch are the issues users are facing with interior lights, assemblers in multiplayer not working as intended and rotor stability. The full changelog is as follows:



  • reduced rotor and piston network traffic (in multiplayer)
  • improved rotor stability
  • fixed issues with interior lights
  • fixed dedicated server assembler issues
  • fixed character animations (hands in crouch position)
  • fixed sound modding issues
  • fixed ship grinder/welder inventory size
  • fixed can't save the game issues (toolbar crash)
  • fixed lag when missile was impacting the asteroids
  • fixed glass issues in mwmbuilder
  • fixed rotor displacement issues
  • fixed crash when renaming blueprints
  • fixed rifle animation bug (rifle floating in the air)
  • fixed rotor top part renders incorrectly
  • fixed issues with some mods cannot be loaded from workshop
  • fixed configuration file perma-death cannot be set to false
  • fixed assemblers in co-operative mode seem to copy queue items from assemblers in disassembly mode
  • fixed DeviateShotAngle does nothing in weapons.sbc
  • fixed crash caused by turrets firing
  • fixed crash with the same key was already added
  • fixed Mod Scripting - ConfigDedicated.Administrators is not populated from config file
  • fixed explosion when piston was mounted on rotor on small ship
  • fixed desync on DS
  • fixed crash when gatling turret destroys rocket
  • fixed cannot change assembler ownership on cargo ships
  • fixed character death in cockpit without cockpit been damaged

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