Steam's Early Access Games are struggling to release as a report shows that only 25% of them have done so

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
17th Nov 2014, 5:51pm

Steam's Early Access program is a great idea for developers as it allows them to get input from the community before releasing the full game. The problem however is that only 25% of games on the Early Access program have released.

This comes from a report thanks to video game research provider EEDAR. Patrick Walker, EEDAR's Head of Insights and Analytics, wrote in a post on Games Industry International.

So far in 2014 there have been 1303 new games, compared to a much lower 583 in 2013. As for Early Access game releases, they have increased "accordingly" since the program started in March 2013.

The total number of Early Access games in 2014 is currently at 255, which is over double the amount set in 2013, which was only 103. Out of the first nine games that released on the program, only three of them have been completed and properly released.

According to the report, the average time for a game to release that started out in the Early Access program is around six months.

This isn't to say that all games still in Early Access are a bad thing, as there are many popular Early Access titles that have massively helped the developers. There are also other titles that have been a bit of a flop.

What are your thoughts on the program? Like the idea of being able to play a game before it releases or are you not bothered and just wait for the full game to release a couple months (or years) later?

Source: Games Industry International via GameSpot

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