Steam's Midweek Madness - 28th October, Bioshock Infinite, Spintires

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
28th Oct 2014, 5:45pm

The Midweek Madness for Steam this week is Bioshock Infinite and Spintires. Two completely contrasting games, one about shooting and one about driving.

Now come on, if you still don't own Bioshock Infinite (cough me cough) then you have yet another chance to pick the game up as it is 75% off until Thursday.

On the other hand we have a game with some crazy ass mud physics that is all about crossing the Russian mud baths with trucks in either singleplayer or multiplayer co-op. You can pick this up for 45% off until Thursday.

Take your pick, let us know what you choose. Been waiting for a while to pick either of these up?

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