Steam Summer Sale Day 3 - Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
13th Jul 2013, 6:12pm

The third day of the Steam Summer sale is here so prepare your wallets because there are some good deals today. Let us know what you'll be picking up in the comments below.

Interesting deals from today's daily deals would be Borderlands 2 and Tomb Raider.

Remember the usual guidelines with the Steam sales, don't buy the game unless it is the daily deal or a flash sale. If it doesn't appear on those then you'll have to grab it on the next day. More often than not people go crazy buying the first day then regret it when those games end up being discounted by sometimes double the amount they previously were. You have been warned!

Daily Deals - July 13th

Tomb Raider - £7.49 (75% discount)
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army - £3.39 (66% discount)
Resident Evil 6 - £9.99 (50% discount)
Age of Empires II HD Edition - £7.49 (50% discount)
RPG Maker VX Ace (Software) - £2.37 (66% discount)
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - £3.74 (75% discount)
Stardrive - £8.49 (66% discount)
MARS - £7.49 (50% discount)
Borderlands 2 - £6.79 (60% discount)
Might & Magic Heroes VI - £6.79 (66% discount)

Staff Picks - Day 3


Tomb Raider
Price: £7.49 (75% discount)

Tomb Raider is a complete reboot of the series and I admit that I was skeptical about it when they said that it would reboot the series. I paid full price for it regardless as I have a soft-spot for Tomb Raider, especially the ones on the PSX. I was not disappointed, it was a great story and kept you entertained for hours. I'm currently on my second playthrough and going for 100% completion yet again.

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