Telltale Games had the highest average Metascore of any publisher in 2014

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
27th Jan 2015, 7:33pm

Metacritic have released their 2015 Game Publisher Rankings revealing who did best in the various different categories, such as large publisher, mid-sized publisher, etc. There are some surprising results to be found as the mid-sized publishers come out on top.

The average metascore for the first three publishers in the mid-sized publishers rankings all outclassed the top dogs such as Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Sony and more. Telltale games took the award of highest-average metascore for the 2014 year, coming in at 79.7. Following closely was Paradox Interactive with 77.7, and in third was Capcom with 76.9.

The closest big publisher to them was Nintendo with a 76.5, EA with a 74.5 and then Ubisoft with 74.1. Some could say that it is harder to get a decent average for the bigger publishers since they publish more titles than the mid-sized publishers, but it is still a good achievement from Telltale Games nonetheless.

Check out the full rankings broken down into various different categories to see where you favourite publisher fared.

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