The Evil Within receives patch to add 60fps and the option to disable letterboxing

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Oct 2014, 12:20am

Bethesda has released a new update to The Evil Within on Steam today, allowing you to play the game at 60fps for the first time.

You are now able to toggle the game between a 30fps and 60fps cap. It was originally announced that the game won't run any higher than 30fps and this is just unacceptable for PC games in this day and age.

There was a previous command line argument that you could use but the game then had issues running at a higher frame rate, which seems to be the norm for some games these days which is a shame.

Here is a full run down of the changes in the latest patch which will be delivered to you through Steam.

  • Frame lock settings added - In settings, you can now toggle between a 30 FPS and 60 FPS cap
  • Letterbox setting - UI toggle to disable the letterbox bars
  • Fixes gameplay issues when running at >30 FPS
  • Fixes for visual issues associated with removing letterbox framing
  • Achievements now work when console is enabled
  • Fix for game starting in windowed mode on first run
  • Minor localization fixes

It is good to see that you can now run the game at 60fps if you so desire but this is really something that should've been in the game from the start.

Source: GameSpot

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