This War of Mine made up development costs within just two days, amongst other stats

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
26th Nov 2014, 6:49pm

This War of Mine seems to be doing pretty good for itself as a new infographic reveals that it took just two days to cover the cost of development.

Some notable stats from the infographic show that there have been 3.7 million people reading about the game on Steam, and that sales have originated from 92 different countries.


There have been 2200 reviews of the game so far, of which 96% of them were positive, this puts it amongst the highest rated on Steam. The Americans make up 33% of those that have played the game.

The play session statistics are quite interesting though, the average playtime is currently at 82 minutes in a single session, but they saw a high of 15hrs 58mins at one point!

If this has peaked your interest then check the game out on the Steam store, it just received a new update as well!

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