Tomb Raider now available on Mac, GOTY Edition also appears on Steam

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
30th Jan 2014, 11:31pm

It looks like Tomb Raider has had a bit of an update today as the Game of the Year Edition is now available to purchase £25 and includes all the DLC as well.

The main Tomb Raider game has just been updated to run on the Mac, whilst the DLC only states Windows as the platform of choice, but I expect it to work on Mac all the same.

The DLC for Tomb Raider is generally weapons, skins and perks that can be unlocked from playing the main game. There are also some map packs for the Shipwrecked Island and Shanty Town levels.

Anyone here going to be picking the game up on Mac, or even picking up the GOTY edition? It's almost a year since the game originally launched.

The next-gen consoles will be blessed with the Definitive Edition tomorrow (31st January), which will update the game with most of the features that the PC version had (TressFX) as well as remodeling Lara and updating the textures in general.

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