Valve introduces Steam tags to the Steam store, "a powerful new way to shop for games"

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
12th Feb 2014, 8:03pm

Valve are once again adding yet more fancy things to the Steam store, and this time they are known as "Steam Tags."

The Steam Tags page states that you can "help shape the way that millions of customers shop for games."

Just visit the Steam Store page for your favorite game or software and apply tags that you think are appropriate or relevant to that title. Tags that are applied frequently will become featured categories, helping everyone discover products through a new set of genres, themes, and attributes defined by you and the rest of the community.

I should think you're probably asking how exactly these Steam tags work - well like this, apparently.

  • You can tag games or software in the Steam Store with terms that you think are appropriate, or apply tags that others have already suggested for that title.

  • Browse a new section of the Steam Store to discover games and software, organized by the most frequently used tags.

  • Browse by tags recommended based on the games you have played and software you have used recently.

You can also browse the Steam Tags in your very own native language.

  • Tags will be categorized by the language they are entered in. So, if you have Steam set to Danish, you will see popular tags applied by other users that run Steam with the language set to Danish.

  • As you browse for products by tag, you’ll find new filtering controls to help narrow your search. Now you can easily find those single-player, platformer games, that run on Linux and have Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Full Controller Support.

Check out the Steam Tags page for more information!

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