Watch Dogs releasing on May 27, 2014, Ubisoft reveals

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
6th Mar 2014, 2:19pm
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Watch Dogs was postponed late last year and we have been waiting for a release date ever since then, we do however finally have one.

In a press release from Ubisoft today they revealed that the game will now be releasing on May 27, 2014 worldwide.

Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ubisoft said that he was "pleased" to reveal the release date.

We are pleased to be able to reveal to gamers all over the world the new release date for Watch Dogs.

We are extremely confident that the additional time we afforded the dev team to refine and polish the game will be more than worth the wait.

There was a scare last month when the trademark for Watch Dogs was abandoned by fraud but everything got sorted out relatively quickly and it is nice to see that we finally have a new release date for the game.

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