Watch Dogs WeareData collects real-time data from major European cities

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
27th Jun 2013, 3:16pm

If you ever get very bored then the guys behind Watch Dogs have developed a website that collects publicly available data to create a real-time data map.

The website currently only tracks London, Paris and Berlin but allows you to look at public transport schedules, telecommunication networks, energy consumption, CCTV cameras, traffic lights and socioeconomic data (salary, unemployment rate etc.)

The site also highlights publicly-available information from the cities' residents, including their public Facebook posts and activity on Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter.

"With WeareData, visitors will discover that much of the hyper-connected world imagined in Watch Dogs already is a reality, and that everything and everyone is truly connected," said Ubisoft.

"The amount of and potential uses for public and personal information that is readily available online has never been more relevant, as evidenced by today’s headlines. WeareData is designed to provide a glimpse into this reality and to give visitors a new perspective on the cities in which they live."


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