Windows 8.1 available now!

Craig Richards (Twitter, Google+)
17th Oct 2013, 12:20pm

Windows 8.1 has just gone live on the Windows Store! If you're already running Windows 8, head over to the Windows Store now to find the big purple button to download the update now!

It is highly recommended to update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 as it includes a lot of new features, bug fixes and a few other changes based on user feedback.

Just what is new in Windows 8.1 though? Microsoft has changed the way the UI works slightly to make it a bit more intuitive and easier to use, as well as making it easier to find things. They have also readded the start button back on the desktop, which still goes to the Start Screen but it means you no longer have to hover in the corner to open the menu when using a mouse.

Microsoft have also added new tile sizes to the start screen so you can get more information out of your most used applications. An option to fit more tiles onto smaller screens has also been added, which is really useful for tablets.

There have been too many changes and new features added to Windows 8.1 to list them all but rest assured it is worth the upgrade from Windows 8, there isn't really an excuse not to as it is a free update and improves compatibility with both hardware and software.

For more information on the update and how to obtain it, head over to the Windows Blog

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