Windows 8.1 Preview available now!

Craig Richards (Twitter, Google+)
26th Jun 2013, 5:23pm

Microsoft have just announced the Windows 8.1 Preview is now available to download! If you're running Windows 8 and want to see what the future of Windows 8 will be like, go download it.

You can find the download at Please note that when the final version is released you may need to reinstall your applications, your user data will be safe though

Update: Seems Windows 8.1 isn't supported on all devices yet... I installed it on my Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 and it has gone really slow. Found out that certain Atom-based tablets aren't supported yet as they require new graphics drivers. You can find a list of these tablets Here. If you have one of these i would wait for new drivers before updating unless you want a tablet that feels like Vista.

More information about Windows 8.1 can be found Here

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