Wreckfest: Multiplayer Mayhem Week includes a 30% discount and marks the return of 24-car multiplayer

Matt Hadden (Twitter, Google+)
31st Oct 2014, 4:32pm

Bugbear Entertainment have created a multiplayer mayhem week sale for Wreckfest, previously known as Next Car Game as you can pick the game up for 30% off up until this Sunday, 2nd November.

Bugbear have said that they have managed to get the netcode much more stable now and so there is less lag. It also introduced a nice side effect where the responsiveness of the car has been improved a lot. This makes it easier for you to handle tight corners and swift swerves.

The major thing about this update though is the fact that due to less lag, they can now re-introduce 24-car multiplayer for the first time since it was removed not long after the initial release of multiplayer to the game.

Bugbear have said that although they're happy with how multiplayer is shaping up, there are still issues present that they are working to fix. This is the reason for the various hot fixes that we have received throughout the last week.

If you want to pick up a copy of Wreckfest whilst it is 30% off then head on over to the Steam store.

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